Legacy. started in dallas in 2014, legacy is comprised of five musicians who are dedicated to bringing the best music they can to the dallas music scene and have the talent to do so.

legacy is:

brett inman on lead vocals

kenny sizelove on drums

craig cowsert on bass and vocals

chris siggins on lead and rhythm guitars

scott sereboff on lead and rhythm guitars, vocals and crumar foot pedal keys

legacy has recently released "ONE", which was reviewed by jam magazine:

Bad Machine Records
Review by Tabetha Prince *Tabby*
The long awaited Legacy debut album One, will release on April 26th 2018. These five talented musicians have put their heart, soul and love for rock n’ roll into One. Without a doubt this release is combined with the blood, sweat and tears of life’s challenges.
This 11 track compilation with its 10 blistering songs were written and recorded over the course of two years. Kicking it off is “All or Nothing” a tune that resonates with me as I may have lived this song in my 30s. Needless to say the lyrics speak volumes!
Now the third track on this album is absolutely my jam! “Into The Night”, with a hell of a GREAT drum intro to the raging riffs, this tune has been dispersed through the DFW area via driving with the windows down and volume to a level of possibly shattering my windshield. “One” is an exquisite instrumental “intro” if you will, into the following track “Rage”. The power and conviction of “Rage” is an invigorating fist pumper.
Closing out this masterpiece of badassery are two songs “Stand In Line” and “Starlight”. “Stand In Line”, oh my damn the guitar solos by Scott Sereboff and Chris Siggins in this jam is phenomenal and Kenny Sizelove is absolutely killing it on the kit. “Starlight” has some great vocal harmonies by vocalist Brett Inman and a great closing song for One.
As Legacy has said, One is just the first chapter in a book that has many different sides. I believe that. It has something for everyone. These five talents know exactly how to convey a powerful message.

ONE can be downloaded from this site, cd baby, soundcloud, itunes and others. it is free! Stay tuned as more new music is on the way.