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Go out and see an originals band play live!

Every major band started in some town or city playing bars and small clubs. The support they got then allowed them to grow into what they are today. Without original music, and without local support, new music will slowly fade away.

Clubs are being forced to add tribute and cover bands to shows- forced to do this because the original bands in your town are not getting support from you, the fan. 

Support is simple- go out and buy a ticket. Order a drink at the bar during the set and let the bar know you came to see the local band as well as the national act.

If bands that are working to write, perfect and record original music are not able to find venues to perform this material live, they will stop and the members will join tribute/cover bands. Where will we go to hear new music- music that touches us, pushes boundaries, forces genres together in new ways- if all of the musicians are playing material written years ago?

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